LMI Launches Puzzle Expo!
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auroux posted @ 2022-02-20 7:18 AM

prasanna16391 - 2022-02-19 1:15 PMThe second part, you aren't the first one, and I will again direct you and others to my introduction post as well as the "About" link at the top of the contest page where we have divulged as many details about the rules, visual clarifications, penpa clarifications, etc. as we can. At some point I think its fair for us to expect that people will read the information we are putting out, or at least, expect surprises if not.
Ah. The problem is that I had honestly NOT noticed the existence of an "About" link or its significance, either on the contest page or in your introduction post (which I must admit I read too quickly). In general, I find the new visual identity of LMI's website a bit difficult to get used to in terms of where to find information. In particular, the dark green navigation bar at the very top of the LMI page had previously almost always been used only for navigation through the site, not to locate important information related to the specific contest one is about to attempt, and it honestly did not occur to me that this might contain a link I should follow before accessing the puzzles. "About" in a menu that normally contains the main LMI navigation bar is something I might have expected to point to general information about LMI. It used to be that all the information that might be needed live during a contest was in the middle of the page _PLUS_ on the IB/PB, so it takes a bit of adjustment to get used to new possibilities about where the information might be found.