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Indian Sudoku Championship 2021 (12th December) Discuss
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2021 World Sudoku+Puzzle Convention -> 2021 World Sudoku+Puzzle Convention
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2021 World Sudoku+Puzzle Convention Organizer

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Quick post about event Wrap-up:

- As updated before, all rounds can now be done unofficially.
- If you do not want to do that competitively, all rounds can now be downloaded on the progress page, with solutions on the right. Those who want all time trials in one PDF can find that in the Time Trials topic.
- We have posted Solution Booklets for the bonus rounds. We will soon add notes below these to keep track of any puzzle issues of the specific rounds that may be relevant to people who go back and try the puzzles.
- We will try to post solution booklets for the main competition rounds by the end of the week. We may not post solutions for Time Trials, as we don't really have them ready. If one or more of the participants wishes to volunteer solution images or PDFs or penpa links (like IHNN did for the Time Trial PDF) we will happily compile that and upload it in some relevant section. We will at least try to put up author credits for specific puzzles regardless of this.
- The donations page is still active and we plan to keep it active for a week, just in case any of the earlier event participants haven't seen it yet as they haven't revisited the site.
- The only other matter we believe is left to resolve is the posting of the Trivia game content, which will happen soon.

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