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spelvin posted @ 2021-11-22 8:34 AM

Administrator - 2021-11-21 2:54 PM

A combined PDF of all 33 Time Trial files is available here - https://logicmastersindia.com/lmitests/WSPC_2021_T00_PB.pdf

Note that this is a combination of the competition PDFs as they were without any updates for issues like multiple solutions or wrong rules. One prominent example is, in Puzzle 32, Aqre, there must be a rule added that "there cannot be a continuous line of 4 unshaded cells in any row or column". If in doubt it may be best to visit the progress page and go to the relevant competition page to see if anything is noted.

Thanks to IHNN for helping us put this together.

The link to this PDF is also there on the landing page in the first row of the Time Trials Table (which is now a combined table of all 33 time trials).

Thank you very much for putting this together quickly!