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greenhorn posted @ 2021-11-19 2:58 AM

Dear sudoku and puzzle friends,

we hope that you are enjoying the World Sudoku+Puzzle Convention 2021 and having fun with our sudoku, puzzles, or interviews.

As we wanted to give the essence of the championship to those who do not attend it every year, we decided to keep the whole event free. More than a thousand registered players proved to us that this was a good decision, and our puzzling community can benefit from that in the future.

However, you may have noticed how much work has been done in a few months to prepare for such an event. This is why we want to kindly ask you for a small donation so that we can reward the effort and time of the puzzle authors and organizers who volunteered in their free time and spent hundreds of hours creating, re-drawing, testing the puzzles, and preparing the side events.

You can use PayPal or the Buy Me a Coffee platform for the donation. We will be happy for any amount of money and that will be used for the winner‘s prizes, author‘s rewards, and extension of website capacity.

Thank you very much and enjoy the rest of the event!