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Administrator posted @ 2021-11-17 6:57 PM

New Features

- Completed Time Trials can now be done unofficially.
- The progress page now has two new columns, one will contain Puzzle Booklets of completed rounds, and the other contains the passwords to open them with.
- The Hall of Fame page now has a link (under the WSC header and the WPC header respectively) to complete results for each of Sudoku and Puzzles. If you have completed all rounds of Sudoku, you will be able to see the scores as well, otherwise just the ranks, and same for Puzzles.
- The results pages of completed Time Trials are now public and can be viewed without any restriction. You can quickly navigate to them via the Progress page by clicking on the respective round link and then clicking the results at the top left of the submission page.
- The cooldown period for all live results pages is dropped down to 1 hour. However, please still be mindful of frequent refreshes impacting the load on the website.

Happy puzzling!