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spelvin posted @ 2021-11-17 2:13 AM

tamz29 - 2021-11-16 2:40 AM

spelvin - 2021-11-16 5:05 AM

Feature request: After the Time Trials are all over, will it be possible to post a single PDF with all of them together? I'm prioritizing the other rounds while they count, and I hope to be able to solve the TT later without having to print out 27 separate files...

We hope this can be done, but please understand that it will be near the bottom of a list of things that needs to get done.
If some time passes and this hasn't been completed, I can personally forward the files to you later.
Thank you kindly for the interest.

That's very kind of you! And even posting a ZIP file of the separate PDFs (which is probably as simple as sending them to me directly and benefits more people) would be great. I'm just hoping not to have to visit all the pages separately.

Thank you all for your hard work! The puzzle quality on everything I've encountered so far has been tremendous.