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tamz29 posted @ 2021-11-16 12:44 PM

Ziti - 2021-11-16 11:32 AM

Really terrific work all around for this Convention, the community is very fortunate to have so many dedicated authors and tireless workers. Thank you all so much!

On the Equestrian puzzle -- I see two neighboring circles in each puzzle with a 42 in both solutions (I didn't work them out myself), but are the shared digits going to be in the same orientation in both grids? In other words, would a possible puzzle have a 42 (in that order) in the Sudoku puzzle and those digits reversed into a 24 (in that order) in the Kakuro puzzle? I suspect it will be clear(er) during the solving process but just to be sure I thought I would ask here.

Thank you for the kind words, Ziti.
Regarding Equestrian, there will be similar-looking circles across the two grids. They will not be coded but the identical pattern should hopefully be clear that we are sticking to the same orientation of all the placements. So no, it is not possible for digits to switch around.