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tamz29 posted @ 2021-11-15 6:31 PM

samp - 2021-11-15 5:57 PM

Thanks, I will try to start as many trials as I can on time.

Also, I noticed that if the current schedule of Time Trial is continued for part 3, then Time Trial 24 would overlap with Authors Panel.

Author's Panel : 18th Nov, 14:30-16:00
Time Trial 24 if same schedule continues: 18th Nov, 15:00-18:00.

I am interested in attending the Author's Panel but also would not want to miss starting the Time Trial on time.

Is it possible to make them non-overlapping?

Hello samp,
Time Trial 24 is scheduled to start at 16.30 GMT on that day to avoid this clash.
The full schedule can be seen in the overall IB: https://www.worldpuzzle.org/files/106/timetrials%20part%20one%20IB%2...

Thank you for your interest, best of luck! :)