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RogerChristman posted @ 2021-11-14 9:27 AM

I am having significant technical issues that are really interfering with my enjoyment of this event.
I do not have PenPa -- I do not have a printer -- so the best I have been able to do so far has been
to take a screenshot of a puzzle and try to modify it with MS Paint. This proves to be very clumsy,
especially with my virtual pen's habit of turning itself into an eraser at inopportune times, probably
adding at least 40% to my solving times. So far I have only been able to solve 3 puzzles out of 5,
and the slowdown has always made the submissions close before I could supply any answers.
Scoring 0 points on the one day that I thought I would have the most free time is not a promising
start to this event.

I did see that PenPa was automatically connected to the Timed Events (I tried and failed to
solve the recent Football puzzle). Is there any remote chance of that being automatically linked
to the other puzzle events?