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prasanna16391 posted @ 2021-11-12 11:38 PM

New Version of IB

The next version of the Instruction Booklet, with points, is now published on the landing page. Soon the competition round links will also be published there. For quick reference, the new IB can be found at

Changes to the previous IB:

- Points added
- Several duration of rounds are changed
- R1: One word (ESC) missing from word list in "Log In"
- R3: Reworded instructions and fixed example in "Mahjong Maze", with new rule added: 5 identical tiles or more may not be visited by the path. Fixed typo in "Go"
- R4: Added 'lines may not crossed bolded regions' in "Rassi Silai"
- R6: Renamed "Terra XX" and "Gokigen Naname 3D". Fixed typo in "Nanro Cave"
- R7: Changed answer keys of "Akari"

Any further issues will be handled in forum unless critical.