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Tintenklexs posted @ 2021-11-12 1:38 AM

The rules to the Odd Even Arrow Sudoku state that "A digit in the circle of an arrow gives the number of digits of the same parity along that arrow". This seems ambiguous to me (but I am not a native speaker):
Do x numbers on the arrow all have to be of the same parity, where x is the number in the circle OR
Do x numbers on the arrow all have to be of the same parity that the number in the arrow also shares?
It looks like thatis the case for the arrows with a three - they are all uneven and share that characteristic with the 3 in the circle. Is that a coincidence?

Also, will all the puzzles be worth the same amount of points? If not, are the puzzles in the IB currently presented in accending order of points or will a list be provided prior to competition?