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EMJ posted @ 2016-02-25 7:55 AM

Thanks so much to Serkan and all for the great puzzles and great contest. I especially liked the extended number of weeks. And the system works so well. I hope there will be another contest next year.

If there is, I have one suggestion that might not be too hard to implement. In the "Other's Solves" section, would it be possible to add a "Pause" button in addition to the stop button? After pressing the stop button, the start button clears the grid and starts the solve over. I would greatly enjoy the ability to pause on a solve to try to figure out what the next step should be and then continue from that point.

Another wish (which might be more difficult to implement) involves "reviewing" a puzzle. I sometimes clear previously solved puzzles and rework them. I would like to be able to confirm that my re-solve is correct, especially for the larger puzzles.

Thanks again, and I hope you are feeling much better soon, Serkan!