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CTC Comments posted @ 2016-02-14 12:03 AM

Comments on 2016-02-11's Tapa
swaroop2011 commented at 2016-02-11 00:17:42
wow that was really a tough one. After 1 guess i realized the connectivity issue in the bottom from right part to left. Then it was easy flow.
bskbri commented at 2016-02-11 01:36:16
113's are back :)
MrLiang commented at 2016-02-11 10:19:39
113 trick me again -_-"
prasanna16391 commented at 2016-02-11 10:24:13
Would have been faster on this if I'd started from the right, where I think the connectivity starts getting forced. Starting from the left gives you markings but nothing to really grab onto.