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Nilz posted @ 2016-02-04 12:08 AM

debmohanty - 2016-02-03 10:34 AM

Since today's puzzle was available at around 6:30 AM, players can solve it until tomorrow 6:30 AM without late penalty. (All timings as per LMI server's time)

Not sure it would have made much difference to my score, but I started the Feb 3rd puzzle on the correct day. I thought I'd also (just about) finished on the correct day, but I've had the 1.15 multiplier added to my time. I assume this will be sorted out given the information that we can solve until 6.30AM LMI time (thanks Deb), I'm just curious to know if this is expected behaviour? I.e. the 'late' penalty is applied based on finish time, not start time? Also, just for my own curiosity, are you able to check exactly how long after midnight LMI time I actually submitted the puzzle? Cheers!