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CTC Comments posted @ 2013-09-02 5:37 AM

Comments on 2013-08-30's Tapa
prasanna16391 commented at 2013-08-30 00:22:08
Ouch. brain freeze. Beautiful puzzle, but maybe a little bit hard for an online interface solve. I found some of it by quickly trying one way, something that'd be easier to "mark" on paper. Went back and solved it to confirm I got the logic of the harder parts.
swaroop2011 commented at 2013-08-30 04:02:30
awesome one :)
gareth commented at 2013-08-30 04:44:59
I wish that it was possible to unshade cells reliably. It just does not work properly in Chrome. Most of the time the click is ignored. You also can't drag to unselect. This bug was present last year too. It flickers, so it presumably is double-responding to the click event.
MellowMelon commented at 2013-08-30 07:07:23
gareth: try to get in the habit of right clicking to erase.
kiwijam commented at 2013-08-30 09:58:40
I had the same problem as Gareth, right-clicking doesn't help. Basically, if you don't spot the perfect path on this puzzle then you need to have a guess to move towards the solution. So I change colour and continue. But when the guess is wrong, I can only press Undo 8 times (new change since last year), but there's still cells containing my second colour that I don't want any more. How do I get rid of it? There's no eraser. No command to clear a cell. Just lots of clicking, not so fun.
carljohan commented at 2013-08-30 15:42:47
Agree with most of the above. Hard to erase, especially in Chrome. How about a way to erase all cells of one color? Isn't that the purpose of the colors in the first place?
ksun48 commented at 2013-08-31 01:03:50
I feel like that encourages bifurcation too much though.