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Trophy planned for Tapa Master 2013 and books for top 3 participants.

About Tapa Variations Contest

Tapa Variations Contest (TVC) is an annual contest having different variations of Tapa puzzle. Each year 4 small contest will be organized. At the end of four contests there will be Tapa Variations Winner, determined by a scoring system. In 2021, this contest started in April 2021.

Winners of earlier Tapa Variation Contests:

2010 - Nikola Zivanovic (Serbia)
2011 - Florian Kirch (Germany)
2012 - Palmer Mebane (USA) won TVC (and Classic Tapa Contest, which started in 2012)
2013 - Bram de Laat (Netherlands)
2016 - Endo Ken (Japan)

Tapa Variations List

Most of the puzzle ideas used in TVC belonged to participants. Everyone is encouraged to share Tapa variations ideas which can be included in upcoming contests. We have compiled a list of all Tapa Variations in order to avoid duplicates and make the process more productive by saving time for puzzle idea providers. Please check the link below.

    Download / View (Include types upto TVC XVIII - Last updated Jan' 2016)

If you have puzzle ideas, please send them to Serkan.

TVC 2021

Dates TVC 2021 (XXI-XXII-XXIII-XXIV) - Hall Of Fame
Gold Silver Bronze
TVC - XXI 9th Apr 2021 Prasanna Seshadri (India) Walker Anderson (USA) Endo Ken (Japan)
TVC - XXII 25th Jun 2021 Endo Ken (Japan) Freddie Hand (UK) Jeffrey Bardon (USA)
TVC - XXIII 13th Aug 2021
TVC - XXIV 3rd Sep 2021
Tapa Master 2021 Sep 2021

TVC 2016

Dates TVC 2016 (XVII-XVIII-XIX-XX) - Hall Of Fame # Of Players
Gold Silver Bronze
TVC - XVII 2nd-4th Jan 2016 Endo Ken (Japan) Hideaki Jo (Japan) Jack Lance (USA) 8/144/175
TVC - XVIII 16th-19th Jan 2016 Endo Ken (Japan) Bram de Laat (Netherlands) Prasanna Seshadri (India) 4/142/169
TVC - XIX 9th-12th Dec 2016 Endo Ken (Japan) Hideaki Jo (Japan) Robert Vollmert (Germany) 4/142/167
TVC - XX 23rd-26nd Dec 2016 Endo Ken (Japan) Prasanna Seshadri (India) Bram de Laat (Netherlands) 0/87/105
Tapa Master 2016 Jan and Dec 2016 Endo Ken (Japan) Prasanna Seshadri (India) Hideaki Jo (Japan) 223/264

TVC 2013

Dates TVC 2013 (XIII-XIV-V-XVI) - Hall Of Fame # Of Players
Gold Silver Bronze
TVC - XIII 17th-19th Aug 2013 Palmer Mebane (USA) Nagata Yuta (Japan) Ulrich Voigt (Germany) 2/135/183
TVC - XIV 31st Aug-2nd Sep 2013 Endo Ken (Japan) Thomas Snyder (USA) Bram de Laat (Netherlands) 10/117/141
TVC - XV 14th-16th Sep 2013 Palmer Mebane (USA) Bram de Laat (Netherlands) Thomas Snyder (USA) 9/119/142
TVC - XVI 28th-30th Sep 2013 Hideaki Jo (Japan) Bram de Laat (Netherlands) Endo Ken (Japan) 3/125/153
Tapa Master 2013 Aug and Sept 2013 Bram de Laat (Netherlands) Palmer Mebane (USA) Thomas Snyder (USA) 191/247

TVC 2012

Dates TVC 2012 (IX-X-XI-XII) - Hall Of Fame # Of Players
Gold Silver Bronze
TVC - IX 11th/12th Feb 2012 Thomas Snyder (USA) Bram de Laat (Netherlands) Hideaki Jo (Japan) 11/148/175
TVC - X 25th-27th Feb 2012 Palmer Mebane (USA) Kota Morinishi (Japan) Bram de Laat (Netherlands) 1/148/183
TVC - XI 17th-19th Mar 2012 Palmer Mebane (USA) Ko Okamoto (Japan) Hideaki Jo (Japan) 5/109/126
TVC - XII 31st Mar-02nd Apr 2012 Palmer Mebane (USA) Nagata Yuta (Japan) Endo Ken (Japan) 1/106/134
Tapa Master 2012 Feb and March 2012 Palmer Mebane (USA) Thomas Snyder (USA) Hideaki Jo (Japan) 194/250

TVC 2011

Dates TVC 2011 (V-VI-VII-VII) - Hall Of Fame # Of Players
Gold Silver Bronze
TVC - V 5th/6th Feb 2011 Thomas Snyder (USA) Andrey Bogdanov (Russia) Florian Kirch (Germany)108/149
TVC - VI 19th/20th Feb 2011 Thomas Snyder (USA) Philipp Weiß (Germany) Przemyslaw Debiak (Poland)106/135
TVC - VII 5th/6th Mar 2011 Ulrich Voigt (Germany) Andrey Bogdanov (Russia) Florian Kirch (Germany)92/112
TVC - VIII 19th/20th Mar 2011 Zoltan Horvath (Hungary) Przemyslaw Debiak (Poland) tarotaro (Japan)82/102
Tapa Master 2011 Feb and March 2011 Florian Kirch (Germany) Thomas Snyder (USA) Przemyslaw Debiak (Poland)141/205

TVC 2010

Dates TVC 2010 (I-II-III-IV) - Hall Of Fame
Gold Silver Bronze
TVC - I 6th Feb 2010 Florian Kirch (Germany) Sebastian Matschke (Germany) Nikola Zivanovic (Serbia)
TVC - II 13th Feb 2010 Ulrich Voigt (Germany) Florian Kirch (Germany) Nikola Zivanovic (Serbia)
TVC - III 20th Feb 2010 Philipp Wei? (Germany) Florian Kirch (Germany) Mehmet Murat Sevim (Turkey)
TVC - IV 27th Feb 2010 Ulrich Voigt (Germany) Andrey Bogdanov (Russia) Przemyslaw Debiak (Poland)
Tapa Master 2010 Feb 2010 Nikola Zivanovic (Serbia) Przemyslaw Debiak (Poland) Hideaki Jo (Japan)

Nikola Zivanovic receiving Tapa Master 2010 from Serkan Yurekli during 10th 24 HPC in Budapest

Trophy won by Florian Kirch for Tapa Master 2011

Tapa book won by top 3 participants in 2012

and a trophy by Tapa Master 2012.