Tapa Variations Contest - XX on 23rd to 28th Dec

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Points Table

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Puzzle Booklet

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About TVC

Tapa Variation Contests (TVC) are a set of 4 small contests featuring several variations of Tapa. Check here for complete schedule. At the end of 4 contests, final winner will be determined.

Timing and Grace Period

Contest Length : 75 minutes
Total Points : 1000
Bonus : 5 points per minute saved
Grace Period : 5 minutes
Penalty : 8 points per minute used

A timer will be shown here with the remaining time. There will be a different timer for Grace Period.

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If you have any questions or doubts or suggestions, please ask in the forum.

Please check this post about answer keys for Latin Tapa, Rhombile Transparent Tapa Loop, Hungarian Tapa.
It is required to enter the required comma (",") in Latin Tapa and Hungarian Tapa.