Enthralling Sudoku : 14th to 17th September

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This test does not have online solving


Instructions Booklet
Sudoku Booklet (6 pages)
(Please save the pdf into your computer and print using Acrobat reader to avoid potential printing issues. Read this post for details.)


Ashish Kumar

About Enthralling Sudoku

The test has a selection of sudoku grids from "Enthralling Sudoku", an upcoming book by the author. Visual aesthetics, nice logical deduction and a clean solve path had the authorís utmost focus in design of each Sudoku.


You may start "Enthralling Sudoku" any time during the weekend of 14th to 17th September.

Your timer will start when you click "Start Enthralling Sudoku" — then you will have 90 minutes to solve and submit your answers.

A timer will be shown the answer page with the remaining time.


If you have any questions or doubts or suggestions, please ask in the forum.

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