LMI Screen Test #1 : 4th/5th/6th Decemeber 2010

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How to Participate?

LMI Screen Tests take place on screen without the use of a puzzle booklet. Instead, puzzles are displayed using a Flash display system and a question is given for each puzzle that must be answered. For more information, check out the Screen Test Guide below, then try the Demo.

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You may start "LMI Screen Test #1" any time during the 72-hour period listed above. Your timer will start when you click "Start LMI Screen Test #1" — then you have to complete all puzzles in the Screen Test in one stretch. Submission is not allowed after the specified end time — you must start early enough to permit yourself enough solving time. If you have any questions or doubts, ask in the forum.

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After you complete test, you can view your detailed score here.

Screen Test Designers

Deb Mohanty Rohan Rao

What others had to say?

Very nice concept. In fact, I did not know anything about Screen test, except that it got mentioned in Thomas Snyder's blog a couple of times. The test looks to be very exciting (like 20-20 version of cricket). I have not seen anything similar anywhere. - Rakesh Rai, in email

- Chen Cen, at sudokufans.org. (Roughly translation "The mode is like last round in WSC in Poland, looking forward to it.")


Instructions in Chinese available here -