LMI Screen Test #1 : 4th/5th/6th Decemeber 2010

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After ST#1

Aditya Saraf, in LMI forum

Overall, Screen Test is a great concept, as it requires the individual to solve each and every puzzle. As the whole test was based on WPC Style, I would suggest not to modify it further.

Roderick Grafton, in UKPA forum

Very enjoyable and definitely recommended. That half hour went far too quickly - if only I'd had 10 more seconds on some of the puzzles and not panicked in the review period!

Kristin Stearns, in LMI forum

That was intense. It had my heart going the whole time...

Steven Barge, in UKPA forum

Enjoyed that. Lots of fun, highly recommended. It's just 30 minutes...

Keshava Murthy H S, in LMI forum

It was a fascinating 30 minutes!
Thanks a Ton for organizing such a wonderful test.

Ken Levine, in LMI forum

Great test. Loved taking it, just a bit confused now ...
Thanks for the hard work putting this together.

Dave Petranick, in LMI forum

My first time trying out a screen test puzzle, thought it was great fun -- I found myself wishing for another 30-45 seconds on several of the puzzles, but that was my own fault for not preparing better and knowing some of the solving tricks right off the bat.
Really well done interface and concept, compliments as always...