ISKL 2019 Round 4 - Part 1 : 22nd to 25th Nov

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Instructions Booklet
Sudoku Booklet (7 pages)
(Please save the pdf into your computer and print using Acrobat reader to avoid potential printing issues. Read this post for details.)

About ISKL

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Bonus points

Bonus 2 points will be awarded per minute (computed upto seconds) if all sudokus are submitted correctly before 60 minutes.


You may start "ISKL 2019 Round 4 - Part 1" any time during the weekend of 22nd to 25th Nov.

Your timer will start when you click "Start ISKL 2019 Round 4 - Part 1" — then you will have 60 minutes to solve and submit your answers.

A timer will be shown the answer page with the remaining time.


If you have any questions or doubts or suggestions, please ask in the forum.

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