Puzzle Marathon on 1st - 12th Apr

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    "Puzzle Marathon" will be open for 9 days, 1st - 12th Apr.

    Your timer will start when you click "Start" on any puzzle." Bonus will be awarded for submissions within an hour.

    A timer will be displayed for each puzzle.


    If you have any questions or doubts or suggestions, please ask in the forum.

About Puzzle Marathon

This is a differently designed LMI test.
  • All puzzle grids in this test are marathon grids, i.e. they are much bigger in size than usual.
  • There is no fixed time limit for any puzzle. The challenge for solvers is to solve all of them in least amount of time.
  • The test will be open slightly for more than a week, with the idea that everyone can get around to solve all puzzles conveniently.
  • Each puzzle can be started, solved and submitted independent of others, and in any order, anytime during the week.

Thanks to all authors for writing puzzles for Marathon.
Deb Mohanty Every Second Breakpoint ESB_7guag9
David McNeill Word Search Sudoku WSS_EvrUe9
Tawan Sunathvanichkul Twins Co-Ordinates TCO_cLiEsh
Denis Auroux Hex Slitherlink SLI_GeiphL
Rakesh Rai Spiral Galaxy GAL_HyiChD
Ivan Koswara Linked Poset Futoshiki FUT_Kar5nE
Bram de Laat Pentopia PEN_3wAseF
Robert Vollmert LITS+ LIT_eLAxVa
Nagata Yuta Akari AKA_ahyPu6
James McGowan Neighbours NEI_SmYr2T
Horvath Zoltan Domino Loop DOM_v7mNze
Palmer Mebane Hidoku HID_mbsEv4