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MII and Regions - 3rd - 7th May 2019 - Puzzle Ramayan & IPC Qualifier
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Subject: Re: MII and Regions - 3rd - 7th May 2019 - Puzzle Ramayan & IPC Qualifier @ 2019-05-15 12:42 PM (#26985 - in reply to #26937) (#26985) Top

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Firstly, Congratulations for the top 3 again.

Some interesting statistics:
Most Submitted Puzzles - Rassi Sillai (all 3 of them)
Least Submitted Puzzle - Double Spiral Galaxies
Highest accurately submitted puzzle - Five Cells (1 pointer) (99.07%)
Least accuracy - Outside Regional Loop (6 pointer)

I would mainly comment on the Puzzles which I created - Regional Loop (all of them), Outside Regional Loop (all of them), Araf (infinity theme), Rassi Sillai (3 and 2 pointers)
To start with MII, we needed to pick 3 types. Most obvious choice was to pick 1 which I invented (Regional Loop), also I already had the variant idea in my mind. 2nd we picked Consecutive Quads which Ashish invented. 3rd we mutually agreed that Rassi Sillai (Prasanna invented) would be fun and also easier rules for everyone to attempt. This I feel was successfull, seeing the stats above.
Coming to the theme of Regional Loop, you can either have symmetry on the regions or symmetry on the circles, having both is quite difficult task. I don't know if anyone noticed but I fixed to have theme on regions in Regional Loop, which is Dominoes (all regions were of size 2), Triminoes (all regions of size 3) and tetrominoes (all regions of size 4). The theme on circles in Outside Regional Loop puzzles. Technically I wanted my set of puzzles to be easier set, but considering the new variant of regional loop and not many practice puzzles are available, the tricks to solve these puzzles are still unexplored. But I can guarantee that each of these puzzles are completely logically solvable, so my sincere request, if any one stuck in solving these puzzles, please do post here, we would be happy to help you out. Also I hope that in future, this variant gets more exposure as its simple in rules and a lot of interesting puzzles can be created. If one tries to create this type, they will unveil a lot of interesting things (I sure did). Creating Araf was a big challenge for me. It's my first Araf creation and getting it unique was a big task. But I am happy the way it turned out to be at the end. Rassi Sillai, I expected most of them to solve. Also while creating Rassi Sillai, I didn't want it to be very straight forward and to offer some resistance while solving. I hope I was able to achieve that.

Other Puzzles I can comment only from a tester point of view.
Spiral Galaxies and Double Spiral Galaxies were the toughest of the set I believe. Also because it needs some kind of intuition to solve it. This can be visible from the stats above as least number of people submitted this type. But I hope everyone enjoyed solving it after the contest. Five Cells was kind of interesting type, we saw this in the 24 Hour puzzle championship held recently in Hungary and decided to include as a part of this round.

Difficulty wise definitely this test went on harder side, but we tried to reduce the difficulty as much we can, for e.g. a lots of extra clues were added in the 1 pointer 5 cells puzzle, some clues were added in both the outside regional loop variant. I guess it's also not too bad to have few hard rounds.

Finally, I would once again like to thank all the participants for participating and providing valuable feedback. Thanks to LMI for the opportunity.
All the best for the next final PR round.
Subject: Re: MII and Regions - 3rd - 7th May 2019 - Puzzle Ramayan & IPC Qualifier @ 2019-06-09 12:27 AM (#27094 - in reply to #26937) (#27094) Top

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I struggled with the Araf and the Double Spiral Galaxies and was hoping to see the answers so I could see how to improve. Are they available anywhere?
Subject: Re: MII and Regions - 3rd - 7th May 2019 - Puzzle Ramayan & IPC Qualifier @ 2019-07-08 5:29 PM (#27117 - in reply to #26937) (#27117) Top

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Solution Booklet: http://logicmastersindia.com/lmitests/dl.asp?attachmentid=787
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