Heyawake Hike ( 10th Dec to 30th Dec )
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O Player Country Solve Time Pen E Finish Time Clicks Replay


O = Official Rank
Solve Time = Time taken to solve the puzzle correctly
Pen = Penalty
E = Early Bird Rank
Finish Time = Time at which puzzle was submitted correctly
The numbers next to Replay link shows how many times the replay has been played (excludes self replaying). Only top 3 are shown.

About the contest
  • This is an online only puzzle contest with 16 Heyawake puzzles.
  • A new Heyawake puzzle will be live in every 30 hours between Dec 10th until Dec 30th.
  • Cumulative points from each day's solving will determine the final scores.
  • There will be a leaderboard for early-birds, apart from the official one. Details here.
About the Author
  • All puzzles for this contest are authored by Sam Cappleman-Lynes (Feadoor)
Heyawake Rules
  • Shade some cells in the grid.
  • Shaded cells cannot share an edge with each other.
  • The unshaded cells must form an orthogonally-connected area.
  • If a region contains a number clue, the number indicates how many cells must be shaded in that region.
  • A contiguous line (vertical or horizontal) of unshaded cells cannot span over two or more region borders.
For examples of these rules in action, see the explanation at https://puzz.link/rules.html?heyawake
Example Puzzle

Penpa Interface
  • Only cells shaded in Grey or Black will be checked as part of answer checking.
  • Unshaded cells can be marked by right-clicking; this is optional and will not affect answer checking.
  • All puzzles will have Surface mode enabled:
    • Left click for Dark Grey shading.
    • Right click for Green shading (double tap on mobile).
    • Any one color among DG (Dark Grey), GR (Grey), LG (Light Grey) or BL (Black) must be used for shading.
History of Heyawake
  • Heyawake is a genre published by Nikoli. It first appeared in Puzzle Communication #39, released in 1992, and has since become one of their most popular puzzle styles.
Official Leaderboard Earlybirds Leaderboard
A is determined by player's rank on that day. The table below demostrates the link between rank and A.
B is puzzle difficulty indicator.
Players solving all 16 puzzles will always get 1600 points as B.
B for each puzzle will be calculated based on the following formula after the official time for the puzzle is over.
B for Nth puzzle = 1600 * (Avg of Top 10 players's time of Nth puzzle) / [ Sum of (Avg of Top 10 players's time of all puzzles) ]
First 100 players to submit the puzzle will get C as 100 to 1
Final Leaderboard considers cumulative of A + B for each day. Final Leaderboard considers cumulative of C for each day.


# N Player A + B


# N Player C


Puzzle A B C

N = Number of puzzles solved within Official Period / Number of puzzles solved
A = SUM(Top 100 players get points from 100 to 1 based on their ranking for that day)
B = SUM(Puzzle Points calculated based on average solving time of top 10 players)
C = SUM(First 100 players get points from 100 to 1 based on their solving end time for that day)