Kakuro Kart ( 20th Jun to 10th Jul )
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O Player Country Solve Time Pen E Finish Time Clicks Replay


O = Official Rank
Solve Time = Time taken to solve the puzzle correctly
Pen = Penalty
E = Early Bird Rank
Finish Time = Time at which puzzle was submitted correctly
The numbers next to Replay link shows how many times the replay has been played (excludes self replaying). Only top 3 are shown.

About the contest
  • This is an online only puzzle contest with 16 Kakuro puzzles.
  • A new Kakuro puzzle will be live in every 30 hours between 20th June and 9th July.
  • Cumulative points from each day's solving will determine the final scores.
  • There will be a leaderboard for early-birds, apart from the official one. Details here.
Kakuro Rules
  • Enter a single digit from 1 to 9 into each white cell.
  • Clues refer to the sum of the digits in the corresponding row or column, if given.
  • Digits do not repeat within any set of consecutive white cells.
Example Puzzle

Points to remember
  • There are always a limited number of ways a particular clue can be satisfied.
    For example, a 6 clue with 3 cells can be satisified using 1, 2 and 3 only, but in any sequence.
Penpa Interface
  • The default setting is Sudoku mode, where tabbing helps go between the 3 sub-modes for candidate marking in corners and center respectively.
  • Font Colours provided in Sudoku Mode can be used and don't impact the checker.
Penpa Interface - Shortcuts in Sudoku Mode
  • Z : Normal Submode
  • X : Corner Submode
  • C : Centre Submode
  • V : Shading (Surface Mode)
  • SHIFT : For Temporary Corner Submode
  • SHIFT _PLUS_ DEL : Deletes only corner pencil marks from the selected cells
  • CTRL : For Temporary Centre Submode / Selecting Multiple Cells/ Deselecting selected cells
  • CTRL _PLUS_ DEL : Deletes only centre pencil marks from the selected cells
  • DEL : To delete all the contents of the cell
  • Drag the mouse pressing left click / drag your finger holding down on Mobile or Ipad for multiple cell selection
  • Border: ON - will allow you to write digits on the edges
History Of Kakuro
Official Leaderboard Earlybirds Leaderboard
A is determined by player's rank on that day. The table below demostrates the link between rank and A.
B is puzzle difficulty indicator.
Players solving all 16 puzzles will always get 1600 points as B.
B for each puzzle will be calculated based on the following formula after the official time for the puzzle is over.
B for Nth puzzle = 1600 * (Avg of Top 10 players's time of Nth puzzle) / [ Sum of (Avg of Top 10 players's time of all puzzles) ]
First 100 players to submit the puzzle will get C as 100 to 1
Final Leaderboard considers cumulative of A + B for each day. Final Leaderboard considers cumulative of C for each day.


# N Player A + B


# N Player C


Puzzle A B C

N = Number of puzzles solved within Official Period / Number of puzzles solved
A = SUM(Top 100 players get points from 100 to 1 based on their ranking for that day)
B = SUM(Puzzle Points calculated based on average solving time of top 10 players)
C = SUM(First 100 players get points from 100 to 1 based on their solving end time for that day)