Rassi Silai Race ( 22nd Feb to 14th Mar )
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O Player Country Solve Time Pen E Finish Time Clicks Replay


O = Official Rank
Solve Time = Time taken to solve the puzzle correctly
Pen = Penalty
E = Early Bird Rank
Finish Time = Time at which puzzle was submitted correctly
The numbers next to Replay link shows how many times the replay has been played (excludes self replaying). Only top 3 are shown.

About the contest
  • This is an online only puzzle contest with 16 Rassi Silai puzzles.
  • A new Rassi Silai puzzle will be live in every 30 hours between 22nd Feb and 15th March.
  • Cumulative points from each day's solving will determine the final scores.
  • There will be a leaderboard for early-birds, apart from the official one. Details here.
About the Author
  • All contest puzzles are authored by Prasanna Seshadri (prasanna16391)
Rassi Silai Rules
  • Thread a rope in each region.
  • A rope is a path that passes through all cells of the region, between two cells that are end-points.
  • End-points do not touch each other, even diagonally, even across regions.
  • Some bars are given within some regions; there cannot be a path between the two cells on both sides of the bar.
  • Ignore any shaded regions - there cannot be a rope in a shaded region.
Penpa Interface
  • Only the lines will be checked as part of solution checking.
  • The endpoints do not need to be explicitly marked by circles.
Example Puzzle
Points to remember
  • Rule 1 - In each region, all cells must be used by the path between endpoints. The image on the left is wrong because the top right cell isn't used by the path. The image on the left follows this rule correctly.
  • Rule 2 - Regardless of regions, the "endpoints", i.e., cells where paths end, cannot touch each other, even diagonally. The first two images are wrong because they violate this rule, the last image follows this rule correctly.
  • Rule 3 - Avoid passing through bars or shaded cells.
History of Rassi Silai
  • Rassi Silai is a genre invented by Prasanna Seshadri for the Innovative Puzzles Round (Round 18) at WPC 2017.
  • It came about during a group discussion of the organizing team that the other new puzzle type in the round, Candy Crush, was a bit complex and that there is a need for a simple idea, and that it'd also be nice to have something with an Indian name.
  • Rassi Silai, roughly translated from Hindi to Rope Threading, was a simple genre that Prasanna came up with to address these concerns.
  • Under the name Rope Threading, Rassi Silai has been published in the New York Times Puzzle Variety section, and has appeared in multiple Puzzle Ramayan rounds. It is gaining traction as a genre with simple rules and the possibility of interesting puzzles that have beginner friendly approaches.
Official Leaderboard Earlybirds Leaderboard
A is determined by player's rank on that day. The table below demostrates the link between rank and A.
B is puzzle difficulty indicator.
Players solving all 16 puzzles will always get 1600 points as B.
B for each puzzle will be calculated based on the following formula after the official time for the puzzle is over.
B for Nth puzzle = 1600 * (Avg of Top 10 players's time of Nth puzzle) / [ Sum of (Avg of Top 10 players's time of all puzzles) ]
First 100 players to submit the puzzle will get C as 100 to 1
Final Leaderboard considers cumulative of A + B for each day. Final Leaderboard considers cumulative of C for each day.


# N Player A + B


# N Player C


Puzzle A B C

N = Number of puzzles solved within Official Period / Number of puzzles solved
A = SUM(Top 100 players get points from 100 to 1 based on their ranking for that day)
B = SUM(Puzzle Points calculated based on average solving time of top 10 players)
C = SUM(First 100 players get points from 100 to 1 based on their solving end time for that day)