LMI Screen Test #4 : 15 - 18 Nov

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What is different?

This is sudoku test with 30 6X6 sudokus, all of them to be solved online, in order, in 60 minutes. For more information, check out the Screen Test Guide below.

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Prasanna Seshadri

Some notes about scoring

B2, E5

B2 and E5 were canceled due to problems that can be read on the forum. As a result of the cancellation, participants have been awarded points based on points scored per second and time wasted on the 2 grids


There was a misplacement in the rules of E4 which caused some participants problems. Therefore, mistakes in E4 will not be considered within the bonus eligibility criteria


The participants who got exactly one grid wrong (not including JOC/E4) are also eligible for bonus, irrespective of the 10 cells rule. This was mentioned on the forum during the test duration.