Sudoku types for month February 2014

LMI Beginners' Sudoku Contest
There will be 4 Classic Sudokus in Round1.
The variations in Round2 in this month are No Knight Step Sudoku, Kropki Sudoku, Arrow Sudoku, Inequality Sudoku,
Rules and examples are provided below.


Sudokus for February 2014 are written By Sina Hedayati

Classic Sudoku

Place the digits 1 through 9 into the empty cells in the grid so that each digit appears exactly once in each of the rows, columns, and bold outlined 3X3 boxes.

Answer key for the above Sudoku is : 416978325, 327186459

No Knight Step Sudoku

Apply Classic Sudoku rules.
No cell that is a knight-step away can contain the same digit.

Kropki Sudoku

Apply Classic Sudoku rules.
If the two consecutive digits appear in two neighboring cells, they are separated by white dot. If digit in a cell is half of digit in the neighboring cell, then they are marked by black dot.

Arrow Sudoku

Apply Classic Sudoku rules.
The sum of the digits along the path of each arrow must equal the digit in the circled cell. Digits can repeat within an arrow shape.

Inequality Sudoku

Apply Classic Sudoku rules.
“<” and “>” arrows point to the smaller number of each pair.

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