Shantanu Gadkari
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LMI Sudoku Ratings 495 134.0962 495 153.9623 History

Sudoku TestShantanu Gadkari's RankShantanu Gadkari's ScoreTest Max ScorePSRSNSW
Math (SM 2021) 251 26 146.983 283 191 260 0.8

PS = Prorated Score (Score based on players's score, median score and top score in the test)
RS = Rank Score (Score based on player's rank in the test)
NS = Normalized Score (.75 * PS + .25 * RS)
W = Weight of the test
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User profile: Shantanu Gadkari
Real name Shantanu Gadkari
Country India
Date registered2017-11-07 9:10 PM
Last logon2021-05-15 11:19 AM
Total posts0

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