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swaroop2011 posted @ 2022-01-14 8:09 AM


Thank you everyone for their participation and making this contest a successfull run. It was first of its kind and many more to come. Thanks for all the feedback and you may have noticed that we constantly kept improving the overall interface. Congratulations to the winners.

  • Overall - Official
    1. Endo Ken
    2. Freddie Hand
    3. Prasanna Seshadri
  • Overall - Early Bird
    1. Christian Konig
    2. hatice esra aydemir
    3. Kartal Nagy
  • India - Official
    1. Prasanna Seshadri
    2. Kishore Kumar
    3. Nikhil Khetan
  • India - Early Bird
    1. Prasanna Seshadri
    2. Anubhav Balodhi
    3. Harsh Poddar

There are some fascinating stats to observe. You can checkout full details here but I will highlight few:

  • Every puzzle was rated by at least 100 players and all puzzles had a rating 4+. There were also a total of 400+ comments. I am glad you all liked the puzzles and provided feedback.
  • A total of 0.9M+ clicks got captured. I am pretty sure it crossed 1M because there were a couple of bugs we found which I will mention in the next post
  • 400+ participants (including trials). Thanks everyone for participating.

Continue reading to the next post if you want to learn about the planning and thoughts for the contest.

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