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tamz29 posted @ 2021-11-13 3:06 PM

EctoPlasma - 2021-11-13 1:43 PM

R2 Sashigane: In the example puzzle, the grid lines are presented as solid lines. Will this also be the case for competition puzzles? It's far better to present grid lines as dotted lines in region division puzzles.
R3 Muddy Creek, Go (etc): Could you make swapping Xs and Os allowed (as in Puzzle GPs)?
R5 Multi-Skyscrapers: How exactly is the partial scoring system going to work?
R6 Gokigen 3D: In the example puzzle, topmost three cells are divided incorectly. Division seen in its solution is correct.
(R8 Railroad Tracks: Answer key with Ls and Xs feels a bit cumbersome, why isn't it consistent with other loop puzzles?)
R8 Masyu: If a grey circle is used by both loops, should it be a Masyu circle for both loops? Or is it allowed for one loop to be neither?
R8 Railroad Tracks: What happens if two loops intersect in a cell adjacent to a clue not belonging to a circle? Does the number represent the total in such case?
R10 Curve Data: The text says that for the answer key enter the lengths of the segments, but in the example answer key ("23, 32"), numbers of cells belonging to segments are counted. Which of these is correct?

Hello Ectoplasma,

First three questions as answered above.
R6: Gokigen Naname 3D. Yes, the puzzle image is wrong, the top cube should be like the solution's diagram
R8 Answer keys: We understand it is going to be a pain, but with two different loops crossing each other frequently, we felt I,L,X (as sometimes used in PGP) was easier to understand.
Masyu: Grey circles need to only be a valid Masyu clue (black or white) for at least any 1 loop only, it can be valid or invalid in the other.
Railroad Tracks: I'm not sure if I understand the question. All Railroad Tracks clues will be in a circle.
R10: Your understanding is correct. Enter the lengths of line segments for each marked row or column, along the marked direction. Not the number of cells. The example answer for the IB should be 12,21