Sudoku Mahabharat & Puzzle Ramayan 2015-16 - Finals

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Logic Masters India (LMI) is conducting the Indian Sudoku Championship (ISC) 2016 on July 16th, 2016, and the Indian Puzzle Championship (IPC) 2016 on July 17th, 2016. The venue for the double event is Quality Inn Sabari, T.Nagar, Chennai -


The format is the same for both Day 1 (SM) and Day 2 (PR). There will be 4 preliminary rounds, where the top 3 (unless the 'Special Case Team Selection' criteria has been met) will be selected for the India A-team for the World Championships in Senec, Slovakia in October. After this, there will be a playoff to decide the SM & PR winners, which will be contested among the top 5 inexperienced participants (inexperienced is defined as someone who hasnít been to the WSC/WPC respectively).


All players who appear for the offline finals will receive a certificate.
  • Top-3 players at the offline finals will be awarded medals / trophies.
  • Top-10 players at the offline finals will be awarded prizes in the form of LMI merchandise.
  • All players at the offline finals Under-21yrs and over-50yrs will receive special prizes.
  • All players travelling from other countries (non-Indians), will receive special prizes.

Participation fee

This year there will be participation fees, mainly to recover the charges of the venue. The payment structure is as follows:
SMRs. 700Rs. 900
PRRs. 600Rs. 650
JointRs. 1200Rs. 1300



  • If a participant is qualified for SM but not for PR, since PR is on day 2, the participant can pay the fee in installments across the two days in order to participate in PR.
  • If a participant is qualified for PR but not for SM, since SM is on day 1, the participant must pay the joint fee in order to participate in SM.
  • If a participant is attending along with guests who avail of the meal, then the payment must be made according to the on-spot structure, even if made as an online transfer. If the guests do not avail of the meal, there is no fee. Guests may not be allowed inside the hall during rounds.
  • The Participation fee includes
    • Morning refreshments, afternoon lunch and evening snacks.
    • Participation in the dayís competitive rounds and recreational rounds.
  • The Participation fee does not include
    • Travel Plans
    • Stay arrangements.

Travel and Stay

We expect participants to make their own travel and stay arrangements. If a participant wishes to participate on both days then a night stay is required on the 16th. Please look at the website above, and hotels generally in T Nagar to select your preferred stay option. Please contact us for any assistance with pairing up for stay in double rooms.

Reason for Participation fee

Last year, we made some significant expenses to host Sudoku Mahabharat finals. We are a non-profit group, and so, to keep a free event last year, the core members of LMI chipped in to make the expenses work. If we are to grow, this is not a scalable model. With this in mind, we have kept a participation fee in order to recover costs.

Why you should attend

We are providing a once-a-year experience of meeting fellow Sudoku & Puzzle enthusiasts and experts in the field. Most of Indiaís top solvers are happy to share their input on solving strategies and so this is a great opportunity even if you are a beginner who canít target a top spot yet in your solving career. Plus, with the WSC and WPC being in India next year, a lot of Indiaís top solvers will be on the organizing team, so this event experience may propel you to a level where you can compete for a spot on the Indian team sooner than later. The Sudoku & Puzzle content will also be of the high quality achieved during the online rounds of SM and PR, along with some special fun rounds which cannot be executed online. The playoff experience is a rare opportunity for top inexperienced solvers. Lastly, well, itís just two days of enjoying one of your favorite hobbies ;) .

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