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About Puzzle Ramayan 2015-16

Logic Masters India (LMI) is conducting the Indian Puzzle Championship (IPC) 2016 (tentatively) in July-2016. Unlike the last few years, the format is different, as the qualification for the IPC will begin in August 2015.
  • This is a national contest aimed at encouraging the best puzzle solvers of India to participate and experience the excitement, thrill and puzzling atmosphere on the lines of various national championships and the World Championships.
  • The championship consists of 8 online rounds (one every month), based on different themes of puzzle types.
  • The top-50 Indian players from the online rounds will be invited for a one-day finals, where the finalists will compete against each other, in a typical WPC-style format, consisting of 4/5 rounds.
  • Unlike last year, this offline final will have a participation fee which will mainly be to recover venue/food costs. This fee will be updated a few rounds later once the venue is confirmed. The online rounds will continue to be free for all.
  • The best Indian at WPC 2015 will get a wild card on the team for WPC 2016.
  • The remaining 3 spots will be decided by this tournament. Barring the special case mentioned below, the top 3 solvers from the offline finals will secure a place on the Indian A team for WPC 2016.
  • There will be a separate playoff after these rounds to determine the Ramayan winner. There will be an eligibility criteria for this playoff, as explained below, to preserve the essence of Puzzle Ramayan.


All players who have achieved any one of the following are NOT eligible to participate in the playoff to determine the Puzzle Ramayan winner.
  • Represented India in A-Team at the World Puzzle Championship at least once in the last 10 years.
  • Represented India in B-Team / UN-Team at the World Puzzle Championship at least twice in the last 10 years.
According to LMI Records, the following players (in alphabetical order) are not eligible to participate in the playoff:
  • Aman Pruthi (WPC 2010)
  • Amit Agarwal (WPC 2006)
  • Amit Sowani (WPC 2015)
  • Harmeet Singh (WPC 2009)
  • Jaipal Reddy (WPC 2009)
  • Jayant Ameta (WPC 2014)
  • Lenson Andrade (WPC 2008)
  • Lovely Krishna (WPC 2009)
  • Prasanna Seshadri (WPC 2015)
  • Puneet Goenka (WPC 2009)
  • Raghavendra Ganesh (WPC 2006)
  • Rajesh Kumar (WPC 2013)
  • Rajib Ranjan Borah (WPC 2011)
  • Rakesh Rai (WPC 2012)
  • Ritesh Gupta (WPC 2007)
  • Rohan Rao (WPC 2015)
  • Sumit Bothra (WPC 2007)
  • Swaroop Guggilam (WPC 2015)
  • Tejal Phatak (WPC 2011)


All players who appear for the offline finals will receive a certificate.
  • Top-3 players at the offline finals will be awarded medals / trophies.
  • Top-10 players at the offline finals will be awarded prizes in the form of LMI merchandise.
  • All players at the offline finals Under-21yrs and over-50yrs will receive special prizes.
  • All players travelling from other countries (non-Indian citizens), will receive special prizes.
RoundsAuthorDatesIndia 1India 2India 3
ClassicsRohan Rao05-07 SepSwaroop GuggilamAmit SowaniAnurag Sahay
NumbersDeb Mohanty26-28 SepAmit SowaniRohan RaoRajesh Kumar
EvergreensAmit Sowani31Oct-2NovRohan RaoRajesh KumarSwaroop Guggilam
RegionsRakesh Rai28-30 NovRohan RaoAmit SowaniSwaroop Guggilam
SnakeAshish Kumar26-28 DecAmit SowaniSwaroop GuggilamJayant Ameta
ShadingSwaroop Guggilam23-26 JanRohan RaoAmit SowaniRajesh Kumar
LoopsPrasanna Seshadri27-29 FebRohan RaoSwaroop GuggilamAmit Sowani
PlacementRajesh Kumar26-28 MarRohan RaoRakesh RaiSwaroop Guggilam
IPC Finals Prasanna Seshadri, Deb Mohanty17 JulAmit SowaniRohan RaoRakesh Rai
PR Finals Prasanna Seshadri, Deb Mohanty17 JulAshish KumarKishore KumarVarun R
All rounds will be open throughout the weekends and on Mondays. They will also be open on Friday nights.
All times in Indian Standard Time (GMT+5:30)


Each round will have 22 Puzzles (of five puzzle types) to be solved in 90 minutes
  • Two 6X6/7x7 of five puzzle types *
  • One 8X8/9x9 of the five puzzle types
  • One 10x10 or larger of the five puzzle types
  • One exploratory variant of two puzzle types
  • * For Number/Character placement puzzles like Skyscraper, Easy As ABCD, Kropki and Tomtom, the size distribution is 4x4/5x5, 6x6 and 7x7. For other types which aren't conducive to these distributions, the details will be given to the authors and then to the participants in the Instruction booklet for those particular puzzle types.
The two exploratory variants will be from the five puzzle types


  • Each round is worth 100 points. You will get points as allotted for each puzzle correctly submitted.
  • Instant Grading is enabled, so upon submitting you will know if the answer is correct or not. Penalty exists for wrong submissions.
  • There will be a time bonus of 1 point per full minute saved by players submitting all puzzles correctly within 90 minutes.
  • For determining top 50 for offline finals, each player's best 6 scores out of 8 will be summed up to calculate the total score (so, the worst two scores are discarded).

International Players

  • Like every other contests at LMI, international players are encouraged to participate in these contests
  • These contests will be included in LMI Puzzle ratings.
  • International players are not eligible to win either the IPC or the Ramayan title at the offline finals but can attend and participate managing their own expenses.


If you have any questions or doubts or suggestions, please ask in the forum.

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