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Indian Sudoku League 2017

About ISKL

Indian Sudoku League (ISKL) has launched a nation wide concept of Developmental Ranking System for Sudoku. The Indian Sudoku League has the creative assistance of Logic Masters India(LMI). LMI will be hosting the online rounds and providing content for the event.

Mission of ISKL

  • To provide a competing platform: It has always been a challenge every year, to select talents for the World Sudoku Championship. The difficulty constraints have always provided an obstacle for establishing a remarkable National wide event of a greater reach. There has always been a discussion and fruitful difference of opinion with the National Selection procedure. Easier competitions encourage newcomers while challenging competitions help us to select a worthy National team for the Annual World Championships. It was to this end that LMI began and continues Sudoku Mahabharat, but when ISKL approached us with their own goal to have a nationwide tournament, we thought we could use this concept to go one step further in talent development, and make a system which casts a wider net on upcoming Sudoku talent in India. The 2016 ISKL led to many new participants eventually doing well in Sudoku Mahabharat and qualifying to the Indian Sudoku Championship. We want to keep this structure going strong this year too.
  • To provide a relative National Ranking system: This system will go a long way in upbringing and nurturing national talent with greater emerging competition. It will give all the participants a national ranking which can be upgraded every year with sharp skills and sheer hard work.


View ISKL as a standalone league whose goal is to develop and build new talent by providing a training element to it. Over the years, the Sudoku community has a few regular members competing throughout the year, learning and exploring all the aspects of the competition. This has led to those few individuals becoming heavily experienced and developed and has caused a gap between them and newcomers who find it difficult to get motivated because of this gap. While ISKL will be conducting a Nation wide gung ho sudoku league and awards, LMI offers an opportunity for top 10 selected solvers to learn from the core team/experts. The top 5 Inexperienced* Above-18 participants and the top 5 Inexperienced Under-18 participants will be added to a private group where they will get training, insight and tips from India's crème de la crème talents, who have been to the World Sudoku Championships and have been among the World's top-20 Sudoku finalists. Using this learning experience, we hope to bridge the gap for some newcomers to make it to the next level. There will also be a wildcard entry for the winner (1st place only) of ISKL into the Indian B team for the World Sudoku Championship for 2018, which will be held in Czech Republic

*The criteria here for inexperienced is as follows:
- The participant has not participated in a World Sudoku Championship.
- The participant has not achieved a top-20 position in an Indian Sudoku Championship.


  • A Sample Booklet used last year is still available which has more details and practice material for the 3 online rounds which will largely follow the same structure. In case of variant differences (we expect at most 2-3 variant slots to be different in the first 3 rounds), updates will be made by the end of September.. You can download it by clicking here.
  • There will be 3 online rounds, followed by a final in January. More details for the final will be announced a little later
  • The Online segment of the tournament will be held in December, 2017.
  • There will be 3 rounds, on 3 consecutive weekends in December. By 'weekends', it is meant that the contest will be open for registered participants from Friday morning ~9 AM to Monday night ~ 9 PM. A more exact schedule will be announced in a month
  • Round 1 will have easy Classics, Round 2 will have medium Classics and a few introductory 6x6 variants, and Round 3 will have easy-medium Variants.
  • Round 4 will be a combination of the types from the 3 online rounds.
  • Applicants who are new to online competitions MUST read the F.A.Q. of the site here and attempt a demo contest here
  • Applicants MUST make sure they have an LMI ID which is free and can be procured via this link - If you already have one in our records, that is enough. If not, please mail us with your ID so we can properly enable all paying participants to participate in the league.

ISKL Organizers

Jai Prakash Mishra, founder of ISKL
email id:

Prasanna Seshadri, LMI Content Contributor
email id:
Contact number: 9819261933


The registration process has two steps:

Participation Fee

Currently the participation fee is Rs. 600. The fee will be gradually increased as we get nearer to the competition.
For an additional Rs. 300, ISKL applicants will receive content of a past National Championship held in 2016, and also content of last year's ISKL rounds which will all be great practice for ISKL 17. Existing ISKL participants can also avail of this offer. The cost for this content independently is Rs. 400. For more details on the content, check here. Please send an email to if there are any queries regarding the fee structure.
The applicant must make a payment of the participation fee via any one of two payment options.
a) Visit the ISKL facebook page and click on 'Book Now' to pay via a PayUMoney portal.
b) Pay Via Paytm to 9445-947-365 c) Transfer to a specified bank account as below.
Current Account
Syndicate Bank
IFSC: SYNB0000493

Participant Details

The applicant must send the following details either to or to 9445-947-365:
- Name
- Age
- Sex
- Place
- Mobile no.
- Payment reference
- Existing LMI ID (must)
- Whats app no. If any
- Time preference to receive calls


- An invitation to participate on the India B team at the World Sudoku Championship 2017 for a top Inexperienced talent.
- There will be cash prizes on offer. These will be specified 1 month before the first round, but will be similar to last year where the winner got Rs. 20000 and 4 others (2nd, 3rd, best newcomer, best U-18) got subsets of that amount
- As mentioned above, LMI will be offering training to Inexperienced solvers. The number set above is 5 from each age category but LMI reserves the right to select a few more promising talents if there are any. - Participation medals and certificates are available at the end for everyone who either mails or messages their address (Even if you have given your address last year, please confirm it so we know it is the same one).

International Participation

As of now ISKL is planned solely with Indians in mind, but if there is substantial interest from International participants we will think of procedures to allow for International participation.

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